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Sample Lease and Rules

Sample Lease

I agree to pay rent of $xxx.00 on the first day of each month.  A 45 day written notice of vacating is required with your last month lease payment.   I agree when I do leave, the said property is cleaned and left in move in condition. I agree also to replace all damages done. I agree that only persons who are registered on this form or lease application are to occupy these premises. I understand that the landlord reserves the right to enter the premises to inspect for damages and to make repairs.  The $xxx.00 down payment will be returned to if the lease terms are fulfilled.  This lease is for xx months.

By signing this document, I forfeit my right to a US Postal Service delivered notification of eviction. Violations of any of the above terms will end this lease and result in a notification of eviction, which you will have five (5) days to vacate the premises.

Lease housekeeping rules:

1. No basketball goals allowed.

2. All pets must be registered with manager. All new pets are to be approved by the manager. There is a $200.00 per pet non-refundable pet fee. Pets considered dangerous are not allowed. Down payment is forfeited if pets are in residence without pet fee paid. 

3. Air conditioning and heating service hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5 pm. Contact the manager, and he will give you the AC service provider's Phone # to make an appointment at your convenience. You may hire your own AC service provider if you wish to pay for it yourself.

4. Parking in yard is prohibited.

5. Painting walls, ceiling, or exterior is prohibited putting stickers on doors and windows is prohibited.

6. TV dishes and wiring are not allowed to be installed on any residence.

7. Lease payments are due on the first day of the month. Late fee is $5.00 a day. no grace period.

8. Sex offender information for the STATE OF LOUISIANA is located at this website. This site contains registration information on convicted Sex Offenders or Child Predators in the State of Louisiana.

9. Property will be considered ABANDONED by tenant should utilities be disconnected. Property manager will then take possession of property and put property back into lease service.

10. Mail boxes are responsibility of the Lessee. Apartment complexes have mail boxes. The key cost is $25, and is not refundable.

11 Pest control is the responsibility of the Lessee.

12. Please keep your keys safe. We cannot let you in if you lock yourself out or lose your keys.

13. There is a noise ordinance in the City of Patterson. If the neighbors are loud, please call 985-395-6161 for assistance. Patterson Police Department

14. Manager works 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Leave message if there is no answer.

15. Lease payment is prorated for the first month if move in date is after the 5th.  Otherwise, we lease by the month only.  When moving out, a 45-day notice is required, as well as the lease payment for the month. We do not pro rate the last month.  You must be moved out and unit ready for next tenant before the first of the month. The downpayment is NOT last month’s lease payment.  Any late fees and maintenance fees will be deducted from the downpayment.  You must submit in writing your forwarding address to have the remainder of your downpayment mailed to you.

16. Ceiling Fans: should the pull chains break, there is a $65 charge.    

Maintenance fees
We encourage everyone to take great care of their home. We thank you in advance for maintaining your home. When moving out, if manager has to do any touch up, patch nail holes or repairs, the following schedule is used for billing and will be deducted from the repair down payment.
Clean Air conditioner coil due to filter not being changed regularly $200
Gallon of Universal Khaki from Vida Paint is $28 a gallon
All painting includes patching nail holes only.
Paint bedroom $150
Paint living Room $200
Paint Kitchen $150
Paint Bathroom $150
Paint ceiling in any room $100
Cut Grass $50
Pressure wash outside house $150
Clean carpet $100 per room
Trash removal from inside home $150
Trash removal from outside home $150
Clogged Drains $50
Replace curtains or window blinds $25
Clean stove $100
Clean refrigerator $150
Clean Floor $150
Repair hole in door $200

Repair kicked in door jamb $200
Pest Control $200
Patch hole that are not nail holes $100 per hole 

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