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As of 4/01/2019 Pets are not allowed.    Reason: Tenants not specifying type of pet, and harboring pets considered vicious.   Tenants leaving pet droppings on lawns and not obeying leash laws. 
 Home rental  income requirements $3,500 a month.  Apartment income requirements  $2,400 a month.   All apartment units are 1 bdrm. 1 bedroom apartment occupancy limits , 1 or 2 adults and 1 infant under 1 year old , 1 adult and 1 child over 1 year old.

No vacancies till April 1, 2023

#37 & 36

$550 month water paid

apply if interested.

income requirement $2,200 monthly

Apartment 37 video

Apartment 36 Photos

refrigerator included

278599001_5067419023374404_5102898289009963089_n copy.jpg
277917451_7330695150338820_5088938749607204653_n copy.jpg
278722570_7651708198180173_4360623506144334273_n copy.jpg
278025762_5130593050337122_4825487854658955939_n copy.jpg
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